Set Senna Juice 250ml + Senna Capsule...
Set Senna Juice 250ml + Senna Capsule...
Set Senna Juice 250ml + Senna Capsule...

Set Senna Juice 250ml + Senna Capsule 50pcs

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Set Senna Juice 250ml + Senna Capsule 50pcs

Amal Herbs Senna Tea - Sanna Detox Slimming Tea
100% Herbal Leaves - Safe, Clean & Healthy
Laxative Tea

Are you got problem like this ..
✔ Weight Loss Issues?
✔ Constipation Problems?
✔ Gastric problems?
✔ Diabetes Problems?
✔ Weak Body Problems?

Want to be skinny without any medicine?
Want a healthy & energetic body?
Want to be skinny but expensive drugs cost hundreds of ringgit?

The impact of your early intake will be felt
- Frequent toilet (NO diarrhea)
- The body feels light and strong.
- Be thirsty (preferably drink more water)
- Eat a little fast

Senna tea is Chinese Leaf Herbal Tea or Cassia Senna.
Herbal leaves from the jungle, quality imported.
Able to treat various diseases & slim down your body.
Senna leaves can cure any variety of diseases.

Among the benefits are:

✔ Stomach acne
✔ Slimming Body
✔ Fat Removal
✔ Wash your gut
✔ Treat the constipation
✔ Treat the Gastric
✔ Treat Diabetes
✔ Dirty Blood Cleaning
✔ Removes Toxins
✔ Reduce Cholesterol
✔ Controlling Blood Pressure
✔ Launches Blood Circulation
✔ Increase Inner Energy
✔ Launching Women's Menstruation

Preparation method
1. Take 1 teaspoon of senna leaves and put in a cup, pour hot boiling water, let it cool for a few minutes until warm and ready to drink.
2. It can also be boiled with 500ml water and boil until 250ml of water is left.

Time Taken
1x Night (before sleep)
1x Morning (before breakfast)

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